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Tired of changing Web Hosting Providers?

Champion Consulting offers a wide variety of IT services tailored to meet any business requirements.

Your search is over, finally a Reliable Hosting Provider with the most complete range of Web Services you will ever need. You can start with a Shared Hosting plan and seamlessly scale your web hosting solution to handle any demand with Cloud Hosting. You want security, redundancy, speed, knowledgeable staff, and at prices that won't leave your pockets empty. Let Champion Consulting offer you a Custom Web Solution by combining the right blend of Website Services.

Champion Consulting provides customers with a cost-effective solution for establishing and maintaining a virtual presence on the World Wide Web. We provide everything you need to get your business on the Internet. From establishing your online presence on the Internet to hosting, storing, promoting, and maintaining an industrial strength eBusiness site, Champion Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services. Whether you're new to the web, or an old hand at using servers, you'll find that Champion Consulting makes everything as simple as it gets.

High-End Web Hosting

We host personal sites, business sites and portals that receive millions of monthly visitors! Our shared hosting packages include all the industry standard features you'll ever need.

VPS Web Hosting »

We offer VPS Hosting, or VPS server solutions for Windows and Linux users alike, and strive to provide exceptional vps service and support. If you’re interested in VPS hosting for your business, our comprehensive cloud service plans have got you covered.

Cloud Web Hosting »

For small and medium size businesses, a cloud system is absolutely ideal for the independent management of your IT. With the addition of a private cloud, you can maximize your technological capabilities by taking control of your resources and accessing any information you need with the touch of a button. .

Reseller Web Hosting »

Are you a developer, entrepreneur, or just have a lot of sites? Our partner plans come with all the tools and guides to help you succeed and gain a competitive edge in the market. Overselling is allowed on all our bulk reseller plans!

Domain Registration »

Register your .com, .net, .info, .us, .biz, .org, .co.uk, .co.org domain today for just $15.95 per year. We offer some of the most competitive pricing on domain registrations in the industry.

cPanel™ Control Panel »

Control every aspect of your web hosting account with our powerful yet easy to use web-based control panel.

Website Development »

It's easy to build the electronic platform of your dreams with us. Our development platform supports the most popular frameworks and languages, from Ruby on Rails and Perl/cgi to Python, PHP5 & 7, and many more.

Computer Services »

Our professional and knowledgeable technicians to repair computers, servers, networks and more, and we stand behind our work with a 100% money-back guarantee..

Backup Solutions »
We are pleased to offer our Data LockBox service powered by Idera Enterprise Continuous Data Protection. How it works is simple but powerful. Signup for one of our backup packages and we will provide you access to download our backup agent. You determine which files to backup, when, and how long to keep them.

4 Data Centers: Houston (USA), Atlanta (USA), New York (USA), United Kingdom (EU).