Company Culture

Our company is built on four core values. These core values act as the foundation on which we build or do anything; they guide our team and remind us what is most important on a daily basis.

Amazing Customer Service

Providing great customer service is part of every team member's job. We exist to help people build online, and the best way to do that is with amazing service that helps every step of the way no matter the customer's skill level or experience. Our Customer Service team uses an 'Amazing Service Mantra' that helps guide them to provide the best possible service when working with customers. However, as a company, we feel it's every employees responsibility to be thinking about the customer, what they want and need, and how we as a company and as the individual can best provide that to them.

Work Life Balance

We want each of our team members to have a healthy balance between work and life. That means working a true 40 hour schedule, plenty of vacation (that you actually get to take), and fantastic benefits. Since our workforce is 100% remote, our team can live wherever they want and work from home with no commute. Too often companies expect their employees to put their plans and families on hold, to stay late and to come in on days off. We understand that our team member's time, their families, and their life outside of work are important. Creating a good work-life balance is good for the employee, the company and our customers.

People, Not Policies

Policies, procedures, and rules are constantly working to take over every company. We believe a well-run company is built and run by people who can make decisions based on understanding and a shared company framework. Allowing policies to dictate every decision can hurt an organization in two ways: it disenfranchises it's members because they are unable to truly engage in their work, and the organization never sees the creative problem-solving genius that it's members have to offer. We encourage our team to engage their creative problem solving abilities everyday and when making decisions put the customer first.

The Importance Of "Why"

Some companies don't tell their employees or their customers why they do things. Many companies don't really want their employees to question why something is done the way it is. We are not one of those companies. We believe that everyone should be curious and that we create value with execution rather than by hoarding information. Brilliant execution happens when every member of the team knows "why". If each of our team knows the goals for the company, their department and their role, they can ask smart questions that cause us to evaluate processes and procedures which ultimately makes us a better company overall.